Create a Magazine-Worthy Kitchen in Minutes

Create a Magazine-Worthy Kitchen in Minutes

Is your kitchen the hub of your home? No matter if it’s a majestic chef-worthy space or a small, simple galley-style kitchen, it’s probably a place where you not only prepare and eat meals, but also a spot to do homework or pay bills, work on projects, and spend time chatting with family and friends. Here are some great tips to make your kitchen beautiful in just minutes. These tips also apply if you’re preparing your home for an open house!


  • Eliminate refrigerator magnets. They seem to multiply when you’re not looking! Clear off ALL of them, and wait 30 days. If you still miss any of them, you may then bring back only those specific ones you recall missing.
  • Just because the space is there doesn’t mean you have to fill it. It’s refreshing to leave spaces partially empty. 
  • Place a simple bouquet of flowers or a small potted plant in the center of the table. It will look so nice you won’t be tempted to let clutter take over.
  • Wash dishes as you dirty them. Don’t let any accumulate in the sink, on the counter, or anywhere else.
  • Before you begin your meal preparation, clear the counters and light a candle. It’s much more fun to cook in a serene setting than in chaos.
  • Use your good dishes and linens for everyday. They’re beautiful, so why save them for only special occasions?

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