Connecticut Professional OrganizerSheOrganizes offers professional organizing and life coaching services for families throughout Connecticut, including Hartford, Middlesex, and Tolland Counties. We focus on “stress-free organizing to fit your life.”

Organizing does not mean perfection. We can help you find your “good enough.” Some of our clients want Pinterest-perfect spaces, while others simply want to find what they need quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to work at your comfort level and help you attain your life’s nirvana!

Our life coaching services guide you through the goal-setting process and gives you unbiased feedback and support throughout the process.

Connecticut Professional OrganizerORGANIZING SERVICES: When you’re organized, you’ll easily find what you need, saving money and time. Click here to read about our offerings and rates.

COACHING SERVICES: Life coaching can be the perfect complement to the organizing process. Click here to read about our coaching offerings and rates.

PORTFOLIO: We love what we do! Professional organizers offer customized solutions that change both spaces and lives. Click here to see before and after photos!